We all know that instagram is the top social media platform for young people, especially young women. It has been used by women on a daily basis for over a decade now and the platforms have gotten so popular that you often can’t even tell your age anymore. However, just because you are popular doesn’t mean you can post videos without a warning or even having to go through a process of editing yourself to get it right.

Not to be a nay-sayer, but there is nothing wrong with posting a video on instagram.

Well, actually there is. I just read this article on the internet that claims you can post videos on instagram that are up to 11 megabytes in size. I don’t know about you, but theres not that much room on a mobile phone, no matter how big it is.

Yes, it’s true. I mean, I have a mobile phone that is about 8 megabytes, but I cant post on instagram because it takes me all of five seconds to load an image. Yeah, that’s not a big deal, but it’s still kind of a big deal.

I can’t believe I’ve read this article, but it’s true. You have to be very careful not to put too much text on your Instagram post. People will be able to see the text as soon as they take a screenshot of it, and it will be visible on their Instagram profile. You can change the text size to something like 8 megabytes, but you’ll still have to be very careful about posting a lot of text, or else people will think its an instagram post.

Of course I know my Instagram profile is getting a little too much text on it these days, but it’s also annoying because I’ve been doing it for so long it kinda makes it hard to change my writing style. Plus, it’s hard to see the text at all.

Instagram lets you post videos, but I don’t think you can change the text size beyond a megabyte, so you’ll still have to be very careful. Like I said, I know what I mean.

There are a couple of ways you can tell if youve done it right. First, just wait for the text to pop up on your Instagram feed. If it does, it means your post is good to go. Also, youll want to take the time to clean your images up a bit so you dont have a bunch of jagged text everywhere.

It looks like theyre making a lot of improvements to the Instagram interface, but I dont think all of them are working 100% correctly. On one hand you can read the text without having to click through the whole thing. On the other, you have to scroll around to find stuff, and the text is so small that youll have to take your time and make sure you find it.

It’s tough to beat the textless Instagram interface, but it also makes it hard to share videos. The first time I posted an Instagram video, I forgot to take a photo. I coulda sworn I took a photo, but it didnt turn up. It was frustrating, but I finally pulled together some pictures and uploaded them.

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