I love to post captions, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more on the instagram side soon.

Since we’re all a little obsessed with all things instagram, I decided to share a few of our favorite captions from our recent Earth Day posts. I’ll take the ones that stick out to me the best.

First, here is a set of Instagram captions from the “It’s Earth Day! #Garden-Inspired” video that we posted last month. I love the “rainy day is not dry” one, the “rainy day was my favourite day” one, and the “spring is not spring” one.

I like to post the same captions on instagram as on the Earth Day garden, but Im going to add some more to it to give better background.

Earth Day, I was going to say, is my favourite day of the year, but I dont really like rainy days. I like the sun and rain and sunshine. I like the flowers and trees. The rain was the most beautiful thing in this post. I think the second best is flowers. I believe the first thing is a tree.

On earth day people everywhere were reminded that this is the day that our planet was born, that we are all connected and connected to each other. It is the day that our planet was formed, that we all share a common ancestor, and that our planet was created from a molten salt ball and from a fire, that we all share a common origin. We are all connected. We are all connected.

Earth day is the day that human beings were born and we are all connected. We are all connected. Whether we are born at that exact moment or many years later, we are all connected. We are also connected to the environment. From the moment my father took me on a field trip to a nursery school until my daughter was born, I feel as though I have all of the knowledge and all of the experiences that my parents had.

Earth day is also an instagram event. I personally don’t post my instagram captions, but as a friend of mine said, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Sometimes you have to decide which is more important. I think with earth day it’s the moment, but sometimes it’s the environment.

I am so pumped to see the reaction to my instagram. I am so proud of all the people who took their own instagram pictures to share with the world during earth day. I think it took the wind down of instagram to see a clear direction and a clear thought process.

I think the best part about earth day is that it was a reminder that we need to be mindful of our surroundings. We are all on this planet, and it is up to us to take care of it. Earth day had many people taking photos, but in my opinion, the most memorable was when a person took a picture of all the flowers around them, not just the ones that were blooming.

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