I have no idea why you’d think I’d try to turn a video into a blog post about it. But here goes anyway. This video is not funny at all. It is just so ridiculous. It has a lot of dog-eared links, some of which you can see if you refresh the page, but the first one is the most important. The second one is the most ridiculous. The third one is the most funny.

And finally, there are two things people who like this stuff often say about them. First, they say it’s not worth it. They say it’s a waste of time. They say a lot of people who watch these videos get bored. Second, they say we should just laugh at them. They say we should laugh in the face of the insanity.

It’s not funny, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it.

The first thing I hear is “it’s not funny”. The second thing I hear is “I think he’s nuts”. It’s funny because it’s so absurd. It’s so absurd because everyone who is watching it is so, so wrong.

The videos we’re talking about are the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. I’ve been watching them since the early days of Youtube. I’ve seen a few of them on Vimeo but they were never as insane as they are on these clips. The videos are full of absurd dialogue, bizarre situations, and lots of great jokes. I couldn’t help laughing out loud whenever I saw one of them.

The clips are funny because they make me think about how ridiculous something that is just a joke or really funny is. Like this one about the most insane things you can say to a friend. Ive seen a few of them on YouTube, but these are the best. I can’t imagine anyone not laughing out loud watching these.

We’re not sure whether this is satire or humor. We have no idea, though, because we don’t have a clue. I think it’s satire because the joke is funny, and the jokes are funny because they’re funny. We don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing when we’re not doing something funny, and that’s like living a life without having a good laugh.

The funniest thing Ive ever seen from a friend was the guy on facebook who had a pretty good laugh when he was drunk. I like the humor of these videos because he never gets a chance to get a good laugh.

Funny is funny, but I can’t think of a single great Dane in particular that has ever been funny. What we have is a group of people who are very funny, but we dont have a lot of others that are so funny. There’s this guy on the Internet whose funniest videos are all about what he calls “funny animals.” He’s got this goat-girl on his channel who doesn’t just have a goat, she has a goat-animal.

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