The ad of the day is always the “if it’s alright” one. I always appreciate how much better this apple commercial is than the one from the 90’s.

The Apple ad still hasn’t gotten it right, but I’m still glad it’s in the first place.

I’m not going to lie, I hate the ad of the day. It is kinda weird. I hate the ads of the day, but it’s a good one.

I like apple commercials. The ones that are funny, but still have a point. Like when the apple starts to fall, and it comes to a stop, and then it jumps again, and finally, the apple falls down. Thats a good ad too.

Apple commercials are not usually funny. But this one is actually funny. I think it could be a bit more funny if the apple fell down and did a bump and roll to the side instead of falling down so fast. But it definitely is the funniest apple commercial of the year so far.

The ad is a bit generic though. I don’t know how long it was running, but it doesn’t look like it was too long. It’s quite short compared to the other apple commercials I’ve seen so far, but still pretty cool.

Apple commercials are usually pretty generic. They are usually about the latest and greatest new iPhone, which usually have a bit of an offputting commercial feel to them. But this apple commercial is actually really interesting. It’s actually about apple, but not the apple that we know. It’s about the apple that the apple people know. I don’t like the apple that apple people know, but I do like the apple that apple people know.

Apple commercials are so generic because the apple that apple people know is so generic. Its the apple that people know.

That’s the way i think of it anyway. Apple is the apple of the people we know, but Apple is also the apple of the people we don’t know. Apple is the apple of the people we need to know. Apple is the apple of the people we need to be careful about. Apple is the apple of the apple you need to keep away from.

The most important thing about this trailer is that it says that they must remove all of the “evil” characters.

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