Instagram is in the process of changing its API to make it more reliable, but at least users can know that there won’t be any service interruption in the future.

It’s not just Instagram, though. It’s a lot of other sites that are also switching to APIs that are supposed to be more reliable. Facebook is one of only a few that hasn’t even begun testing the change yet.

It won’t be long before we hear about people being hit by a glitch in their Instagram feed, but until then we’ll have to content ourselves with the idea that the service is indeed working as advertised.

I’ve heard lots of people say that Instagram service will be down for at least 3-5 days. I am not talking about just instagram, though. I am talking about all of the other companies that are making changes to their APIs in order to get better user experience.

Instagram is changing because the company is getting better at its core. It seems like they are getting better at adding features and making the system easier to use. They are adding “comments” to the pictures they post, which allows users to reply to the picture and comment on the post. This feature is very popular with Instagram users, who can now reply to a picture or a comment quickly by tapping on the screen. They also added the “comments” function to Instagram Stories.

It’s not just Instagram. With Google’s redesign of its Google+ page I think it is clear that Google is a company that will not compromise on user experience.

Instagram is making the service easier to use by adding comments. All you have to do is to tap on the screen on your phone and type into a comment box and then you can see what your followers are saying. This is something that Google seems to be working on for Instagram as well, adding the comments feature to the Instagram Stories feature.

It’s a pretty smart idea. Instagram has just built a feature called Stories that lets you create a photo story that your followers can share with other people. This is a pretty neat feature that would help promote Stories to a younger audience.

I don’t know how many people are using it, but Instagram definitely has some pretty useful features. I think it will be really interesting to see what Instagram lets you do with Stories and how it works.

Instagram is also working on a feature that will let you link to your Instagram feed, so that your followers can see posts from you. Instagram’s other social platform, Instagram Stories, is another cool feature that I think people are using more. I think it’s pretty cool that even if you don’t use Stories, you can link to it from your profile page.

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