This is one for the NFL, in case you were wondering.

This is one for the NFL, in case you were wondering.

To be clear, this is one for the NFL, in case you were wondering.

This is a “fan project” by a group of college student athletes that is putting together their own logo for the National Collegiate Athletic Association football league. We asked them what the NFL logo is, since we’d love to see it on a championship game.

They said it’s a logo that looks like a “football field.” Not just any football field, but one in which the “field” is a circle with a little red flag flying in the middle. The idea is for the logo to be more “futuristic” and “unrealistic.

Not surprisingly, the logo is a circle with a red flag flying inside the circle. It’s also the largest circle in the entire logo. The team’s colors are green and gold. It’s kind of like a Nike football team, which I thought was an amazing logo design too.

Well, if you were a fan of the Nike football team, you’d probably love it too. If you’re an actual football fan, you might not.

The team colors are gray and yellow. The team logo should be a green triangle along the center of the circle so the left side has a green flag. The right side has a yellow yellow and black flag, and the right side has a green flag. The blue side of the triangle is where the team’s colors are. I mean, I like green but I don’t like yellow.

I think the best way to answer this question is to explain how the logo works. The green and yellow colors are the team colors, and the triangle is the team logo. The triangle starts at the left side and goes all the way to the center. On the right side of the triangle, there are two orange and black flags. Next to the yellow and black, there’s a green flag.

I think that I remember seeing that red and white flag in a college game a few years back. I also remember the orange and black flag. I think it may have even been the orange and black team colors.

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