I thought you might like this. I use the same image of the same guy every single day. I thought it might be cool to share this one.

The image of the same guy? I guess it’s just because the person is the same. Like if the person is the same, then there must be a reason why he’s wearing the same shirt, hat, and glasses every single day.

The image is the same, but it’s the same person in different clothes.

As one user points out, the same guy is one of the most recognizable figures in video games, and the same image is one of the most recognizable in pop culture. I mean, I’m not saying that the same guy is a total stranger, but I think there’s a sort of weird connection there. And that connection is that we’re all being watched.

For example, the same image is the main source of the “It’s only a GIF” meme, a meme that shows a digital image (usually a GIF) overlaid onto the screen. It’s been used as a way to “meme” an image by showing it again and again. It’s also been used as a way to show how easily an image can be faked.

I think Im not saying Im a fan of GIFs, but I do think Im a fan of the whole meme thing. I saw an episode of The Simpsons where the show’s producer made a GIF of “The Simpsons” logo and then showed it to the entire studio audience. I don’t know if this was a joke or a genuine example of a GIF being used to show someone something, but I guess it had a similar effect.

The Simpsons episode was a prime example of how a GIF can be used to show something, but here’s a more subtle example that you may not have thought of. When I was in middle school, I would copy a gif and paste it into my diary. And then there were a few times where I would actually show my diary to my friends. The results were typically hilarious.

I have one more example of this in the future, but it’s another one I have to remember. My dad used to always tell me, “GIFs are basically a meme. They serve a purpose and can be funny. But the ‘mean’ part is the meme.” Well, this one is more like a meme in that the gif you see is just a quick, funny, and memorable bit of information.

Exactly. And the gif you see above is pretty close to the point I am making. Its the kind of bit of information that is so important that you will tell your friends about it after you have finished reading it. I guess it’s why I can’t get my friends to read the book I’m reading.

A GIF is a simple format that can be easily shared across social networks. The basic gif format consists of a series of frames, each of which is a full screen image. The most common form of gifs is a GIF file, which is a compressed version of a GIF image. A GIF file contains a series of images, where each image is a full screen image.

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