I use this little gif to help teach myself about how to make a good gif. I find this helpful for other people who learn about how to do something.

For instance, if I teach you how to do something, I’ll often go into the details of what the thing is, what you have to do, and how you have to do it. In this case, it’s how to make a gif.

The gist of this gif is that we want to create a video that shows the viewer something they see in a gif. So we need to have a sequence of the elements of the gif, including the words, in the correct order. We can then play this sequence back, and the viewer will see the elements in the sequence in the correct order. How we play back the sequence is up to us, but it should be something that requires no prior knowledge of the gif.

The basic process is pretty simple. We have five choices: The first one is, of course, a gif. The second one is a video. The third one is a video with text. The fourth one is a video with text and audio. And the last one is a video with text and audio.

It’s the last one that makes gifs so beautiful, and that’s what our gif tutorial will be. So let’s begin.

The first gif we have, the one we want to use is the original one from the original episode of the show. The one with the red text. The one with the text that we want to use, it goes back to the scene where the character is going to be killed. The second gif is a video with text.

This is the one with the text and the audio that we want. It’s a little different. The video is a bit more chaotic. The audio is a little bit quieter.

We want our gif to be a little bit chaotic. So it has two parts. The first is the text, which we want to have on the left. The second is the audio, which we want to have on the right. The text is probably the best way to go when you’re building an animated gif, so we’ll go with that. And the audio is another thing we want to go with. Maybe not as chaotic as the video, but its the right thing to do.

The reason we made gifs in the first place was for a project we had done a while back called A.R.T.S. we wanted to combine the two and make it into a gif. The reason we want to combine audio and text is that we want to make a more coherent gif that is easier to read.

The reason we’re not just using audio and text together for now is because we want to use animated gifs for a variety of purposes. Some of what we were doing with audio and text is something we would like to go back and use again. With animated gifs, we have a chance to do more of the same things in a more efficient way. For instance, we could show the text and then animate it.

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