I am the first to admit that my Facebook page is not a place I want to be. I don’t want to see people’s pictures, I don’t want to be stalked by my friends, I don’t want to hear the incessant drivel coming from the same person for months on end and I don’t want that to ever happen to me.

Facebook is the place that I see what everyone is up to, not the people I know that I follow. I have a Facebook page and I know who my friends are, it’s not a social network for friends to keep in touch with. If my friends had a website, it would have a page and we’d all have to wait 24 hours between each other.

No. Facebook is your friends, your family, and the people you know who you are connected with. Your friends are the ones that you are connected with and it’s up to you to keep them informed.

Facebook is good because it allows you to keep up with your friends. But the problem with Facebook is the way it is used. It is used to give you a bunch of shit you could have done at another time. So for instance, you tell your parents and they send you a long text message about how they were out of milk and you have to wait for that to come.

Another way to use Facebook is for your friends to be your fans. Facebook allows you to create and like pages and if you have a bunch of friends who are into the same things you are, you can all become a “fan” of that thing. A “fan” on Facebook is someone who likes whatever you like. So if you are a fan of a football team, you can create a page for the team.

The idea behind fan-pages is to create a community of like-minded people who like the same things you like, but without the fear of being a jerk. You can also set the page as your Facebook page. If you like that team’s page, you can invite them all to join your page. You can also share your fan-page to your friends and see their reactions.

It’s great if you’re a football fan but it’s not great if you’re a basketball fan. If you don’t have the patience to go through the hoops that a basketball or football fan has to go through to get your favorite players, you’re not going to like it.

Yeah, its frustrating when youre not going to like it because you dont know what your team is doing. But at least you can check on them. Theyre always doing something, so you dont have to.

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to connect with your friends and their friends. It’s the same idea behind MySpace. Your Facebook fan page is your personal fan page. It is the place where you post your personal thoughts, your favorite songs, your photos, and your videos. If you like playing games or you like to go out, you could always post things there, too. You could even share your favorite photos and videos and see what people think.

But what makes Facebook so special? It’s not just because of the amount of people you can connect with, but also because it allows you to connect with people you don’t know. When you go to someone’s fan page, you can see what they’ve been up to, what they’re talking about online, and how they’re feeling. You can also comment on their posts and send them messages, which means you don’t have to speak to them in person.

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