I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what I’m about to share. It’s actually pretty funny to think about how many words I’ve written just in the last few months, but I’m also pretty proud of it. I’ve written a lot of text in my life, and I’ve written a lot of blog posts.

My friends and I have been posting each other’s blogs and articles on our website. It has been a blast. Im a pretty good writer and Im super happy everyone likes what Ive written. Im also super happy to hear that Im finally able to put a video up here.

No matter what I’ve done in the past, Im not sure if Im gonna do it again.

In the past Im not sure what Im gonna write next. But Im still pretty excited about it. It seems like Ive done a lot of writing and my work has started at a much lower level. Ive already done 3-4 of what Im gonna do.

Wow! Ive never heard of Blogging before. Ive always liked blogs and Im even getting my own blog now.I could really use some help with it. All my friends like my writing and Im happy with my writing, so Im not sure what Im gonna do, but Im excited to see what Im gonna do.

There you go. That’s me. It’s not so bad. Now I can tell you what Im going to write about, but only if you promise not to laugh.

Okay, so you read my first sentence and think, “So what?” And then you read my second sentence and think, “No, really, that’s what I want to write about.

That’s not really what you want to write about. The first thing you want to do is write about how you’re gonna write about your favorite book, but the second thing you want to do is write about how you’re gonna write about something you like.

For me, writing is a game. I like to make it exciting, and I also like to tell stories. And a book, a good book, is just a good story. If it’s got a great plotline, good characters, and good writing, then it’s a story that I feel very lucky to be a part of.

All I’ve ever done is, “You gotta write.” I’ve done it twice. You can do it. But if you don’t write, then you just don’t know what to write about.

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