Today is the day that you share your daily instagram feed with the world. For many of you, this means updating it with your favorite things, doing your own makeup, or even having a sleepover. As you share your daily instagram feed, your followers will follow you back and keep up with your activities.

The thing is, that’s just the beginning of the process. In another few days, you’ll get a notification that your profile has been selected for a “active feed”. When you see that, you’ll see a list of other people you follow who have also been selected for the same feed (this is an ongoing process).

The active feed is just a way to share your daily activities. The active feed is only enabled if you’ve clicked your account settings and set up your activity notifications. You can still use a standard feed, but it will only be visible for a selected subset of your followers. It’s a way to keep yourself connected to your favorite things and to keep up with people in your social circle.

Active is a great option, especially if youre already on instagram and don’t mind if people see you posting a lot of your own stuff. The downside is that you may have to check in multiple times to see what everyone’s doing. So, if you like playing games, keep checking back to see what people are up to. If you like watching videos, keep checking back to see what people are watching.

The thing about active is that it doesn’t have to be a daily thing. For example, you could use it to post on instagram if you’re just hanging out with friends and you want to see what the people are up to, or if you just want to take your profile to another level and post a picture of yourself.

In the past, when you watched a video of a friend posting a picture of herself, it was in the middle of nowhere. Now it turns out that her friend posted a picture of herself from the other day. The other friend had it in his profile. Now it’s your first time posting. What’s the point of this? You can’t.

What is active today on instagram means is that you posted something in the world today, but you haven’t posted anything in the previous days. When you think about it, it makes sense: If you post something on instagram today, you don’t actually have to post anything today. It’s just a matter of whether you want to.

The difference between active and recent in Instagram is more than just days. We can look at the posts we’ve been interested in on Instagram. Our friends and family may have been interested in them, but we have to wait for them to post about them. So it is possible that a lot of your friends and family have been out of touch with you for the past few days.

This has been true of a lot of people, especially if you’re active on Instagram. A lot of people become active on Instagram a few days after they post something in the first place and then they stop posting. For them, it’s like starting a new activity and having to wait a few days to see if they’ve moved on to something else. But if you’re an active Instagram user, you really have to make sure that you’re active on Instagram for a few days now.

The fact is, I have been very active on Instagram throughout my life, so I probably have more than a few posts worth of Instagram posts in the post-mortem. I’m not sure if it’s because I am not on Instagram at the moment, or if I’m just bored with it. But just because I’m actively doing something doesn’t mean I have to stop.

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