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Email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective ways to reach your audience. Our blog has a wide variety of topics, including the best email marketing platform for your business or service, how to create an email that gets opened and shared, tips like what to write in the first sentence of your subject line so it grabs their attention and notifies them you’re contacting them with something important, as well as how to avoid spamming people with too many emails. 

You will also find a range of posts from guest authors who have expertise in email marketing. The reason we welcome guest posts for email marketing is because we want to bring you the best advice from a variety of authors. Guest authors are experts in their fields as well, so you can rest assured knowing your readers will be receiving the best content possible.

You can submit a guest post to our blog covering either email marketing or another aspect of business marketing, such as social media marketing or digital marketing. The topic should be original and exclusive to our blog, different from any content you’ve published elsewhere in the past.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a place where you can submit your own content to share with our audience.

We’re a leading blog in the business marketing niche, having been running since many years. We’ve posted over 2,000 articles across our WordPress site and Social Media accounts, focusing on tips and tricks for businesses to grow their online presence. Our posts have been viewed over 500,000 times and read by thousands of people every day.

What kind of content do we accept?

We’re always looking for fresh new content to publish on our blog covering topics such as: internet marketing, email marketing, paid search marketing, social media marketing and more. The content can be in the form of an article, video, infographics or even a quick guide. The best way to describe our site is — Practical content with real-life examples.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important because it allows your readers to see the expert advice you have to offer. It also promotes your brand and blog, and creates a sense of trust with them. The content you provide will be seen by your readers, which is the most important part.

How do I submit my post to Write for us?

You need to get in touch with a member of our team before submitting a guest post to us. Please send an email with your topic, author bio, website URL (if any), and links to any other past work you’ve published that we may like to check out.

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Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. The title should be short, unique and compelling.

2. The submission should be original content (do not copy and paste your blog or web pages).

3. The content you submit can either be a blog post, an infographic or a video.

4. Do not completely rewrite the post if you are copying from other articles or blogs. This is plagiarism and we will not accept this kind of content on our blog.

5. If you have more than one guest post, then please have them all approved by ReadWriteMust first. 

Where should you send your pitch?

Please send your pitch to [email protected]